Une nouvelle édition de Rolemaster 2 ? « RM Classic » est là !

« Character Law », le premier ouvrage de la nouvelle gamme Rolemaster Classic est disponible. Rolemaster Classic (RMC) est une ré-écriture des règles de l’édition RM2, celle qui a été traduite en français il y a bien longtemps.

Cette édition devient de fait l’édition « suivie » et « mise à jour » de Rolemaster, ravissant ce titre à une gamme RMFRP vieillissante et pour laquelle rien de bien folichon n’était prévu depuis bien longtemps.

Toute la gamme devrait être éditée de nouveau, on parle même du retour possible de certains compagnons…

Citation en anglais d’une communication officielle au sujet de Rolemaster Classic :

Why RMC ?

We have been asked many times why we decided to do Rolemaster Classic. The answer is quite simple : there was tremendous demand for the product. Despite 10+ years of RMSR and RMFRP, it seemed the largest single body of Rolemaster players still played what is known as RM2 which was best represented in the red border versions released in 1989. Many people love RMSR and RMFRP, but a substantial portion of the Rolemaster fan base did not change over to the new versions and continued to play RM2. This split the Rolemaster fan base in a way that made it difficult to move the line forward.

We spent a year working on how to do a revision of RMFRP in a way that reunite the diverse Rolemaster fan base, but among various problems, we could not reconcile the way skills are handled in RMSR and RMFRP verse the way that they are handled RM2. Any revision combining the features of both systems would be huge and hopelessly complex.

So Rolemaster Classic was born. It takes the best of RM2 and updates it organizationally, graphically, and editorially. It takes one of ICE’s best selling product lines ever and brings it up to date and beautiful. It will allow us to recapture the biggest single Rolemaster fan base in existence and bring them back into the ICE community so we can continue to evolve Rolemaster and effectively expand the support of both lines. We have quite a few ideas for adventures and some very interesting ideas involving maps. The first of those products will possibly be announced in March.

Citation en anglais de la news officielle :

Rolemaster Classic : Character Law

I am happy to announce that ST# 6501P Rolemaster Classic : Character Law is done ! You have 4 formats to choose from, so happy shopping !

1. PDF ST# 6501P $18

2. Softcover ST# 6501 $30

3. Hardcover ST# 6501h $40

4. Limited Edition Hardcover ST# 6501LE $50

Here’s the scoop : Rolemaster Classic : Character Law marks the return of the original revered Rolemaster 2 system. This volume encompasses the Character Law section of the hallowed “red border edition” Character & Campaign Law and has been completely updated and expanded. The original Character Law pioneered many of today’s gaming concepts and still sets the platinum standard for fantasy RPG character creation. It has been a herculean effort and the RMC Team has done an amazing job.

It’s available in PDF ($18), softcover ($30), hardcover ($40), and Limited Edition hardcover ($50). The PDF is up now and the physical books will start shipping by the 13th. The Limited Edition will be 100 copies and it has a faux leather black cover and its on 80# paper.

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