De nouvelles aventures pour les systèmes I.C.E.

De nouvelles aventures vont être publiées par I.C.E. dans les mois qui viennent (un vague Juin ou Juillet) avec des auteurs très variés.

Chacune de ces courtes aventures sera offerte avec les caractéristiques techniques pour RMC, RMFRP et HARP et des cartes de combat tactique à l’échelle 1 pouce pour 1 mètre seront disponibles séparément.

Une de ces aventures se déroule dans le monde de Cyradon, les deux autres ne sont liées à aucun univers connu et peuvent donc être utilisées dans le cadre choisi par le MJ pour sa campagne.

Citation en anglais de la news officielle :

Small adventures for our various systems

As I have been saying over the last month or so, we have been working on a series of small adventures for our various systems. The first three will be coming out after HARP Sci Fi ships in June or July. More will follow along with more products aimed at supporting games rather then just rules supplements. There will still be rules supplements, don’t worry, but there will also be a substantial leavening of adventure oriented material.

These are listed in the current expected order of release and all three are either in page making or final editing and are about to enter art acquisition. Elisera’s Tears comes courtesy of 13Mann, our German licensee, and via a translation done by Robert Wenner. Kausur was written by Jason Brisbane and Haunted Isle by Scott Suver. Until we have final page counts and a few other specifications finalized we can not set the prices.

All of these products are for HARP, RMC, and RMFRP and all of them have a lot of nice maps. The maps will be included in the product in smaller form and will be available separately, and as a bundled pdf, as large full color battle hex grid maps in a scale of 1″ = 1 yard/meter. We think you will find them useful and enjoyable.

Ruins of Kausur

Adventurers journey forth from Belynar to explore the Re-Awakened Lands, to find locations for the other refugees to settle, to find the mystical Tears of Life, the gems needed to restore life to the Devastation.

The ruins of Kausur are the next location to be explored, to discover if they can be made safe for settlers. Are you brave enough to face the dangers of the unknown ? Join in discover if you have what it takes to survive in Cyradon…

This adventure module is for characters levels 3 to 6.

Haunted Isle

Explore the island of Thonria where brave sailors bring back tales of eerie lights seen from the black tower on the lonely southern shore. From the Zair Scrubs and the Isles of the Four Ladies, to the verdant Wylde Woods, discover the natives and the exotic and valuable treasures they guard. Enter the lost city of Rhenia, where an ancient Priestess Queen lies awaiting an opportunity to raise an army of undead and demons to conquer the world ! Battle the undead, and discover treasures unknown – and if you discover the Book of Walking by Night – run !!!

This adventure module is for characters level 10 to 12 and lots of detailed maps are included.

Elisera’s Tears

Does the princess yet live ? Can a story that began violently and tragically so many years ago have a happy ending ? Elisera’s Tears sends a band of intrepid adventurers on a perilous quest to reunite a family.

  • Elisera’s Tears is ready-to-run adventure for 4-6 first and second level characters.
  • The adventure includes 4 ready to run first level characters and is specially designed for novice players. The adventure is flexible and easily integrated into a pre-existing campaign worlds.
  • Complete maps included : the mountain village of Leet, the Moonshine Inn, and a set of orcish caverns.

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