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Rolemaster Classic possède enfin son livre sur les sorts : « Rolemaster Classic : Spell Law » est en effet disponible aujourd’hui au format PDF.

Un des ouvrages de base de toute édition de Rolemaster, la description détaillée du contenu figure dans l’annonce ci-dessous.

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Rolemaster Classic : Spell Law

I am very happy to announce that the Spell Law pdf is up and ready for sale at $21.Now, this is just a Beta version, and is missing a couple of things, but the final version will be done within a week or so. However, you do not have to wait that long. Visit the ICE forums — ?topic=3791.0 — for more information about the Spell Law Beta.

It is a beefy book at 280 pages and I think you will find that it honors the roots of the product while improving it greatly.

Description de la boutique I.C.E.

The magic has returned !

Spell Law, the heart of the Rolemaster magic system, is back, with more power. Re-edited, reorganized, this new edition of Spell Law gives your favorite spell caster the punch they need to take on the villains, or extra punch if they are the bad guys. Explore new realms of power and plumb the depths of magic without sacrificing playability.

Why settle for less, when your spell caster can have it all ?

Spell Law contains :

Over 2000 spell descriptions on 162 unique spell lists that are based on 3 realms of power.

15 spellcasting professions.

Optional rules that can add depth & detail to any campaign.

And much, much more !!

284 pages

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